About Solo Junket

Mastering the art of Exploring the Unexplored Places!

Travel is to make a journey or to possess adventure to somewhere by bicycle, train, aeroplane, car, motorcycle, or boat. Solo Junket is a company dedicated to creating personal travel experiences that transcend the basic sightseeing tours. This can be concerning our ability and desire to enrich people’s lives and making dreams come true. It could be an exploration to somewhere, planned or unplanned to meet new folks, new things and new places.

At Solo Junket, we tend to believe visiting the Indian subcontinent is about more than just going on vacation - it's about having a memorable experience. There are different types of adventures and plenty of unexplored places waiting for you to explore. Places could be urban or suburban. Some folks love to be with nature to free their minds and refresh their Soul, however some like to be within the city.

When you explore with us, every aspect of your trip is guaranteed to meet the highest standard of personal luxury, numerous benefits like exploring a new culture and providing the convenience and comfort to experience the subcontinent in all her richness and rugged beauty.

Whether you are making your first trip to the landmass or returning longing for new discoveries, we tend to facilitate providing the Appropriate Tour for you. Be a part of us to explore the unexplored places.